Since when Earth will began the rotation?

Shock wave

Regenerative capacity of the attack of bass of this speaker is high is you can see better when you heard the sound of the kick, can see bass Sound of a different dimension to this speaker. Speaker is look like a bass drum.

I think the diaphragm is vibrating exactly to input attack signal.

Then if see this speaker, oh yes, I found that structure of hizumi-vibration speaker is same as structure of kick-drums.This speaker has a structure that has been simulated a bass drum. In true reality this speaker sounds just like nice Instrument

To tell you the truth, attack feeling like this was found later that it is also the base of the actual raw. Strange story, I can now understand the sound of the base of the real for the first time in this speaker.

Miles Davis

I was listening to the performance of a variety of musicians in this speaker. The most impact musician in that was that Miles Davis.

Actually I did not know what is good improvisation of Miles Davis until I listen by this Point-Drive speaker.However, I listen again in this speaker, solo of Miles heard shining brilliantly, I was surprised.However, I quickly discovered the reason. It is ass soud.And the sound of the solo of Miles and the bass becomes alteregoism, at stake exquisitely, I saw the world of stunning music.

Oh, this is! I hear that there is a strong impact that gives pressure to co-star in the improvisation of Miles. Nori=timing and Reach of Miles at very severe, and a dense, there is no tension loose moment has dominated the entire solo.

And, listen to the song of the same Miles in other speakers just to be sure, Oh sorry! Miles is back to Miles that I heard a some time ago.


The most important thing about 4 beat jazz

If you listen to Miles Davis with this speaker, what kind of feeling he was playing can be understood as if myself became Miles.

He is playing while synchronizing just with the timing of the base.

The essence of 4 beat jazz is a harmony born from entanglement with the base. So, if there is something that can be said to be "jazz speakers" in this world, it is a speaker that can reproduce the bass beautifully.

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