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About jazzman very rustic some Q & A

Q1 What is jazzman?

phonograph and jazzman
Because the speaker of the phonograph 100 years ago was improved to work with a voice coil and waschanged to the vibration plate of the modern material , it was rebeared as a woofer of jazzman J-01X.

Jazzman is the speakers (pair) made for listening to jazz music. It reproduces the low sound of both large and small volume as if you are in the live concert hall. The reason is low sound of reversed phase does not deny each other, therefore, back side is open without being installed in the box.


Q2 Why is it good to listen to jazz music?

Jazz has a variety of old and new type. Among these, the most basic one is called “four beat jazz”. The base of this four beat jazz is the wood bass sound to hit four beats in one measure. Jazzman can reproduce this wood bass sound clearer than the conventional speakers.

If you listen to four beat jazz through this speaker, you will notice the base of the music is low sound. Because you will understand all the players are playing together with beating the bass.

Jazzman is specialized in reproducing the low sound of the wood bass. If you listen to rhythm of the bass not through your ears but feeling with your body, you can enjoy 100 times more!


Q3 What is the difference between Jazzman and conventional speakers?

Jazzman uses point-drive type (patented) to drive a diaphragm plate as woofer.

The theory is the same as musical instrument. Point-drive speakers can produce the reversed sound of phase both from front and back, not denying each other. Therefore, the low, deep and clear sound can be reproduced.

You will get more detailed information from the left menu “point-drive”.


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